Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fall

The shadows crept upon my sheets
and forbade the sweet sleep to close my eyes,
to release my gentle soul from the gloom
and the dark melancholy of those fearful nights.

For eight days I had dwelt
in the majestic manor of my sick friend
settling his angst, his fear of death
and burying his undead sister into a maze.

But that night the whirlwind unset me
and my host's mind broke apart,
as he whispered in silence the secret:
Madalaine's was still a beating heart.

And aghast I fled from the rotten mansion
and saw through the moon and the thunder
how the winds broke through the growing crack
and caused the fall of the House of Usher.

(A small tribute to Edgar Allan Poe)


Dan Speers said...

What hastend fall of the House of Usher / Was failure to embrace fear, and crush her. said...

Extraordinarily beautiful O' Poet. A worthy write and noteworthy honor to Mr. Poe.

Nomar Knight said...

Well done! Nice tribute to my favorite author. Thanks for sharing.

Macha said...

love it!

Peach said...

Thanks. Very suucinct. Evokes Poe well for me.

Judge Whisky said...

I read The House Of Usher for the first time only a week ago, so the story was still fresh in my mind.
A great tribute.

Dragonshine said...
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@CoyoteSings said...

It's as if Poe wrote it, himself. Very good piece. _/|\_

Qudsia Pervez said...

Fantastic poem.

Luke Prater said...

smart and evocative and sensibilities fitting to a Poe tribute for sure. Great piece

Fred said...

Nice tribute. That was well done. Thanks for letting me know about it

Missy said...

This is such a well delivered poem. I so enjoyed reading it.