Monday, July 2, 2012


What's the time again?
The tender light through my shades
defines the hour, timeless.
Once again, I'm caged in infinity.

And the sacred silence
doesn't help. Where are
the children, why have they ceased
their playing in the streets?

Where are the murdered
and the sick and the deceased?
Where are the fumes and the deadly sirens 
of grief and endless fatigue?

I need a sign, a whisper in my ear,
a gentle touch of defined light
to cast an hour on my clock
and turn oblivion into night.

-Thanks to ShadiatiQue for the beautiful picture. Make sure to check out her blog.


Wayne McEvilly said...

Thanks for the poem - this world could use all the poetry it can get - you will continue writing -

Brian Miller said...

nice...really like the line chosen for the pic as well...that last stanza is def my fav....very cool...

~Lady Day said...

loved the picture with that line chosen...lovely.~R

Unknown said...

"Once again, I'm caged in infinity.

And the sacred silence
doesn't help."
I really like these two lines...
sarcastic yet deep.

msbeez said...

Your writing is visually beautiful leaving a burning inside of your messages being spoken of in your poetry I am touched skin deep by this poem ThankQ for sharing your writing with me B ;)

Unknown said...

Lovely and sad. Blessings, Marissa

Unknown said...

Lovely and sad. Blessings, Marissa

Unknown said...

Lovely and sad. Blessings, Marissa

Stuart Barnes said...

terrific poem :-)

Pyerse said...

Grat poem thanks for sharing with me

jmbhatt said...

A poem that once read will always haunt you!!! Starting with something mundane & simple like asking for time it quickly develops its genre with stark imagery "the children, why have they ceased/ their playing in the streets?" Sticking to concept of closely knit structure & relying on its concise presentation the summing up in last stanza is simply superb "I need a sign, a whisper in my ear,/ a gentle touch of defined light/ to cast an hour on my clock/ and turn oblivion into night." Dark indeed but exhaustively enchanting.

Priscilla Modiba said...

Hi everyone please go on to my blog bluecrusts poetry.

sample/extract from one of my poems

''On the outskirts of these feelings,

Far far in quiet reason,

there’s a way for you&I to love each other right.

You’ve told me who you are.

& I’ve seen your lofty way of life,

those encumbering creeds of God, you promised to keep.

You said If I am to love you,
I ‘d have to carry them too,
I'd have Travel on the narrow road ,

and rely on the object of your complex extremes.

I think I love you
love you enough to tame unholy arousals,

And seek with you,
the vague splendour that hovers

somewhere up there, in the blue forever,

so my dear
divide then, your heavy yoke,

& let me feel the weight of your God upon my conscious.

instruct my eyes to river Jordan,

so I may cleanse the murky window
& behold the paradise at which you aim.

and I will fall to my knees,
weeping perhaps like an awkward convert,