Wednesday, June 27, 2012

After the war

By the ruins of the church
the soldier looks up to the sky
waiting for the time in which
his brother might stand by his side.

Across wasteland and bodies
fifteen holes dug up by the men
entrenched down into the earth
cover the shame brought upon them.

Never again will he stand,
or gaze into his child’s eyes of life
and he crawls into the trenches
hoping to be buried when he dies.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Again these endless nights:
who knows what awaits
in the smoke-infested corridors
that lurk behind
my old clay doors.

The fear returns
(to what? - I doubt)
and is my only friend.
Lazy steps, and racing cars,
in my brain, (by my side?)
Who hides in that empty space
between darkness and my flesh?

Shadows breeds tiny monsters,
a shaman said. But wait!
I cast no light:
Maybe I'll find
that I am the grander menace
that devours their heads.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Fellow of Infinite Jest

It's on again:
flashes ups
and down
your mind,
on fire.

It began
with the lights
that numb
the rest
of your heart,
your mind,

It's on again,
and will return
every time
your hand
presses "on"
and you let
your mind soar

Sunday, June 10, 2012


These words aren't that hard
like sacred closet sounds:
merely unrelentless.

I am done with the
whispered dreams that aren't true.
The silver turn in view
pursues endless time.

We saw the colors
where love happened
Our minds reducted,
and soared together.

But we no longer
speak the language
of the beautiful people:

All the things you meant from me
the person we waited for
stuck together on the lock
of my heart and the faith
that dwelt inside of you.

Even when there was nothing
as full as yourself
you fought against my heart
taking cover, running away
taking one more fight
one more crazy dream
and left my naked body
drenched in your blood.