Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Again these endless nights:
who knows what awaits
in the smoke-infested corridors
that lurk behind
my old clay doors.

The fear returns
(to what? - I doubt)
and is my only friend.
Lazy steps, and racing cars,
in my brain, (by my side?)
Who hides in that empty space
between darkness and my flesh?

Shadows breeds tiny monsters,
a shaman said. But wait!
I cast no light:
Maybe I'll find
that I am the grander menace
that devours their heads.


Chris Lawrence said...

Heavy clay doors, fears and shadows a lot is said and hidden within these words, almost escaping from that fear is hope

serendipity said...

Found it fascinating

Poetess Defy said...

I read the poem...and I am of two minds. When I read the title and the piece, I waas expecting something different, like a description of the feeeling itself. The poem paints a different picture and might also warrant a different title. As it relates to the ending, it is too abrupt and needs a more conclusive ending. :)

Karin said...

Thanks for linking this to my Twitter. What a great poem. That last sentence -- "Maybe I'll find/that I am the greater menace/that devours their heads."
That is powerful.

TheJessie said...

Splendid! Thank you for the link. I shall read it again.

Lynn Hallbrooks said...

Interesting point of view. Last part was definitely a twist I did not see coming. Great job!

Omar KING McCray said...

Very interesting point of view