Thursday, September 13, 2012


Keeping my balance, I walk
along this thin piece of thread
that streches from birth to death
above the fires of hell.

My bare feet hurt and bleed
and the fear is many a times
too strong: a missed step, merely
a slip, keeps me from
the everlasting burns,
the infinte scorching of
my human skin and the smell
of sweet, loving Death.

Maybe it's time I give up
and quit trying to hold my pace:
play around, feel the thrill
of the deadly heat upon my flesh.


Greg Welch said...

This poem is provocative. What I enjoy the most about it is that the whole time it made me question, what would happen if the narrator stopped looking down, feeling the heat, and worrying about the balancing act that is life, and maybe looked ahead to something better or even up to some personal paradise or thing to strive for? I like when poetry makes me question, and when poetry puts me in the body and soul of another. Well done.

LoneRaven said...

gr8 poem :) ur right to embrace the thrill rather than the fear :) -drkhuggz

stu mcp (hate & hope) said...

Powerful and plenty of grit.... Think this sums up a lot of what most of us feel most of the time...

Kayleigh Jane said...

This is a brilliant clever idea, your poetry describes life in the most creative ways yet they are so relatable! This is such a powerful thought provoking idea, I love this poem! You are my favourite poet, you are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing :) x

Stan said...

Profound words with powerful imaging...thanks for the write.

Anonymous said...

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