Friday, April 29, 2011


In a crystal palace
or through the cutting wind
that bleeds my lips
I drop a tear.
I’m lonely,
for you are far,
so very cold,
and in the dark.

I miss you,
your warm hands,
and sweet smile,
the silly games
just running around.
Why did you leave?
I see now,
you are underground
but I’m in the dark.


Natasha said...

Very potent write! Imagery and wordplay both fantastic. Thanks for the direction, enjoyed my visit :)

Watershedd said...

Makes me think of someone I know who lost her husband recently. Well done.

Lady Estrogen said...

Very touching; great imagery :)

beezknez said...

Sad desperate GREAT how you always give the reader the emotions feelings :) always a fan of your work ms Beez)

PoetGilbertA said...

This is very good throughout, strong, dark very evocative.

Refuge Insomniac said...

This is an extraordinary poem; well constructed, with key lines which draw the emotions out, i.e.”that bleeds my lips” wonderful, and the last 3-lines… so emotional. Thank you, I really enjoyed this poem!

Sean Paul Potterson said...

Thanks to everybody!

I truly appreciate your comments!

Blackprint Poet

Anonymous said...

So raw and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing this.

Missy said...

This is a gorgeous piece of poetry here. It's like weaving in and out of a maze.

Thanks for the invite to come and read.

Missy Bickel

Anonymous said...

Such a beautifully expressed sentiment.
It's always the little things, tit-bits that are more memorable.

Anonymous said...

No se ingles pero lo traduci. EXCELENTE. segui asi juampi.

Michael said...

Powerful and well written! The depth is revealed in layers. The dark attributes highlight the mysterious intentions. That of the blind thief of hearts. Excellent, much enjoyed.