Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remember to live

Remember to live
and grasp every second of life
Climb the colossal heights of night
and never forget to paint the colours of dawn.
And like a pioneer never cease
to make your way through forests
and walls of rock and fear.
Do not tremble at the callings of life
for they shall take you far beyond you’ll ever thought
and they will find your own true self,
down inside the carcass of your mortal skin.
And as the sun rises and falls,
your path shall meander so,
in glorious days and wicked times
life will not seldom find you
but the overwhelming grace of a fulfilled soul
shall cover the pain for the luxuries lost.


Jacquee T. said...

Enchanting, passionate! True. Thank you for sharing. Are you on SCRIBD?

emmettwheatfall.com said...

Very nice! I love how smooth the poem reads. Its message wonderfully inspiring.

Matt Coughlan said...

I like the message of this poem, and the passion you show for it.

Nomar Knight said...

Another fine poem. By the way, your blog just won an award. Please visit http://knightchills.blogspot.com/2011/04/knight-chills-receives-liebster-blog.html for more details.