Friday, May 3, 2013

Life from the shore

The gentle tides have led me back to mellow shores
where I can live and breed in unforcing times,
through love and friends and the pleasure
of the deeds that form the path I'll leave unmarked.

And with two feet on the welcomed ground,
my eyes shall stare at the waves and the ships,
and the drowning, the swimmers and the drowned,
uncomfortable, desperate, but living through their time.

How will the old shoreman look upon his past?
Do the soft memories have the might to spark
a tender smile on the face whose eyes once hoped
to witness the storms, the wrecks and the wonders of age?

Old shoreman casts doubts on his still unravelled past.
The pirate boy cries for the life he's lost.
The shoreman sinks his toes in the warm sand,
and reckons he missed the things he loved the most.

Are you at sea or walking the shores? How will your Old Shoreman look back on his past?
Please leave your comments, feelings and feedback in the comment section below.

Today's Blackprint Poetry's recommendation:

Paul Tobin is an author and poet who reflects his need to write in his blog: Magpie Bridge. I've read some interesting reflections and reworks on his own poems there, and it really makes you feel as a part of the creative process. Make sure to check him out!

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