Friday, April 13, 2012

The road

An infinity of plains, barely stained by a lonesome lagoon over there and a group of trees on the other side… and slashed through by an endless snake of grey tar, that twists and coils over its everwet tail. It’s been imprisoned by the wires that somebody settled to its sides, and will never be able to escape.

The road, no one’s land, always waits to be traveled, always waits for somebody to stroke its back and rescue her from her solitude. But the scorching sun of the midday makes it an inhospitable place, only to become sorrowful during the afternoon, and dreary at nights. Nobody stops to ponder on the colours of its dusk, or the thousands of stars that light up when the sun decides to hide out.

We approach the city lights. Behind unfolds the road, with its beauties and its tedium, waiting for someone who finally uncovers the thousands of secrets it still has to offer.