Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pick a card

Pick a card,
any card,
see it yourself,
and show it to everyone,
everyone but me.

Pick a life,
any life,
take a tongue, a face and a name,
and show yourself to everyone,
everyone but me.

Now choose your ways,
just close your eyes and grab the tail,
or either stir the line,
by hastily ditching the trail.

Then find your days,
any day:
claim the Crown you know deserve,
or surrender to love,
living in your own humble mistake.

And meet Death,
the only Death,
unchanged in the comforts of a warm bed,
or found in the sharply fierce claws,
of a ravaging bullet’s bird.

Just pick a card,
any card.


Kayleigh Jane said...

This is amazing! I love how you described life, and how you've written about our many choices in life that create who we are, and how bad choices leave us 'living in your own humble mistake.'
Your word choice is perfect! Brilliantly written! Never give up writing please!
Kayleigh Jane :)

Jan Romes said...

Very nice :-))

Efo Dela said...

great choice of words and rhythm. I would really love to hear it performed

Anonymous said...

This is a really nice poem. I felt some important message about life coming through. Thanks for sharing.

packleader66 said...

Definitely a nice one. But my question 4 u is why send it to me? Do u know me or think u know me? Because I don't know you, and if I do u still don't know me. No one truly knows me except 4 miss Penny and the man upstairs. I do enjoy poetry but mostly as a teenager along with art class.

Michael Newberry said...

very nice indeed!