Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hurt me again

Hurt me again,
and feel the gentle warmth
of my crimson blood
steadily flowing the trace
of such a perfect face.

Hurt me again,
thy wounds shall never heal,
for they cut deep into my skin,
and bleed my soul out.

Oh, hurt me no more love,
and forget what was done,
for we’ll know it is time,
when crying upon two hazy smiles
we face our last sunset,
and vanish into the bright light.

Hurt me no more,
forget me and murder my memory,
for I’d rather forsake your gentle touch,
than have blood for tears.

Blackprint Poetry's recommendation
Today's recommendation goes to the blog My Beautiful Emotion and its even more beautiful author Kayleigh Jane, aged 17! Kayleigh's work truly amazes me: the choice of words, the themes in her poems... just incredible. Please visit her blog, it will be worth it:

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Michael said...

To envision an eternal sense of shadowed wanderlust for a love that drifts within the ghost of a tragic muse that beckons a haunting pleasure. The passionate imagery bleeds an arcane exposure to the darkness of an artistic emotion. Beautifully scribed, your words draw the reader to another place and time.

JeanNicole Rivers said...

Very nice! This is something that we all go through at one point in time, emotions that you must go through in order to be human. Thank you!

Kimberly McPherson said...

Wow! This is so fantastic and heartfelt! What a gift you have! Keep up the amazing work! Thank you for contacting be on twitter. I am so glad we are friends. Keep sending me your work. You have a new fan hon!
Much love,

Sarfaraz A Rehman said...

Beautiful...and with a lot of feeling

Karin said...

This is such a bold poem, with even bolder words. You have a great way of presenting your images with a fierce emotion.

Unrivaled Dre said...

well pit together....deeper than the ocean's abyss

Unrivaled Dre said...

well pit together....deeper than the ocean's abyss

Melissa said...

This poem strikes deep. It is indeed a literary sword-swipe against the heart and soul. My favorite image is "bleed my soul out."

Fifafan said...

I love your work. So much emotion and passion. Thank you for sharing!

Sanz Yu said...

It's really nice.. :)
Visit my blog too if you have a spare time.. Thanks..