Monday, April 29, 2013


Who will find my dead dreams
when this void finally leaves my soul?
Who will temper my spirit
before my broken wishes choke my howl?

The pitch dark of nothingness
unravels through this hazy room,
to embrace me, hold me tight,
until I can no longer move.

To whom will I bequeath my hopes?
To whom will I leave my fears?
Darkness has left no one around me
and its tender arms keep pushing in.

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Today's Blackprint Poetry's recommendation:

Susan Marie is a journalist, radio producer and poet from New York with a great blog that you should definetly check out. Not all of her posts are poems, but make sure to find them: I find their loose and experimental form extermely engaging. Visit her blog here:

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Anonymous said...

This is a great poem! I can feel the emotion in it and you paint a vivid picture with your words.

It all flows very well. It's dark, but poetic.


Juan Pablo Djeredjian said...

Spanish translation:

¿Quién va a encontrar mis sueños muertos
cuando este vacío, finalmente, abandone mi alma?
¿Quién va a templar mi espíritu
antes de que mis rotos deseos ahoguen mi grito?

La oscuridad absoluta de la nada se desenvuelve
a través de esta borrosa habitación,
para abrazarme, tomarme fuerte,
hasta que ya no pueda moverme.

¿A quién voy a legar mis esperanzas?
¿A quién voy a dejar a mis temores?
La oscuridad no ha dejado a nadie a mi alrededor
y sus tiernos brazos siguen empujando hacia mí.