Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of love and self-harm

Read my thoughts
and speak my words,
charm my mind
and stroke my heart.

Make me cry
and collect my tears,
touch my soul
and whip me with a cold stir.

Endow me with your eyes
and warm me in a cold winter night,
surround me with your threshing arms
of fiery warm and welcomed love.

And now pull
and draw my heart out
ashame me with my thoughts
and tell me your love of drunken hopes.

Laugh at what you see
two sore pearls, which
merely follow your
freshly wounded flirts.

Rip my soul into tears
and let my gently frozen being
to live and sweetly die
under your cold everlasting memory.


moondustwriter said...

painfully torn in two
why do we offer our hearts up???

Anonymous said...

a tender allergory that tastes of forbidden shadows... a lovely write.

Refuge Insomniac said...

I wonderful write; thank you for pointing me in your direction.

Curiosity said...

Very vivid word pictures! Thumbs up!

R.M. Hepler said...

Awesome. Very intense feelings and imagery.

Brian Miller said...

def intense feeling in this....and the danger as well in giving our hears away...that if we get it back it will be a haunted tattered mess...